Additional Employee Resources

The Environmental, Health & Safety Office (EHSO) offers management assistance & programs focused on faculty, staff, and student worker occupational health concerns for conducting activities in University science laboratory facilities.

Also, the EHSO manages or provides assistance for programs enacted to comply with State and Federal regulations concerning Environmental Protection, which have applicability to the daily operations of Mercer University.  Training opportunities, management, and support services are available which have the goal of reducing and/or eliminating exposure of Mercer University faculty, staff, and student workers to occupational, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards.

The programs and assistance address issues related to:

1.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)      

A.  The Hazard Communication Standard      

B.  The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

C. Other applicable workplace safety regulations

2.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)      

A.  Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Regulations      

B.  Universal Waste Disposal Regulations      

C.  Recycling of Hazardous Chemical Waste

3.  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) & the National Institutes of Health (NIH)      

A.  Biosafety regulations for the containment of biohazards in academic & research activities

B.  Public Health response plans for the Mercer Community; addressing local, state, national, or global conditions

4.  State of Georgia - Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division - Radioactive Materials Program      

A.  Mercer University Radioactive Materials License requirements      

B.  Mercer University Radiation Safety Program

 If you need additional information regarding workplace safety concerns, please contact the EHSO.