Research Committees

Research Committee Information

The Environmental, Health & Safety Office is responsible for providing administrative management for two Faculty Research Committees. 
Information (Policies, Procedures, & Forms) concerning each committee can be accessed below. 



If you have additional questions or needs, please contact the EHSO.

Institutional Radiation Safety Committee (IRSC) 


The President of Mercer University designates the Senior Vice Provost for Research & Institutional Official as the individual responsible for administrative oversight of the Radiation Safety Program. The Senior Vice Provost for Research & Institutional Official appoints the members of the Institutional Radiation Safety Committee.

Current Membership


The IRSC will meet at least once every six months. The IRSC Chair can designate additional meetings as necessary, or at the request of one of the members or Radiation Safety Officers (RSO). All meetings will be recorded in the form of minutes. Minutes will be distributed to all members for approval.


In order to conduct business that requires voting, at least one half of the members must be present, including the University Radiation Safety Officer (URSO).


Members of the IRSC are expected to:

1.Commit to regularly attend scheduled meetings
2. Understand the conditions of Mercer University’s Specific Limited License
3. Review the Mercer University Radiation Safety Manual
4. Become familiar with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials, Chapter 391-3-17
5. Committee members must review for approval or disapproval all applications to use radionuclides, including protocol / project descriptions. This process may    be conducted outside of the official meetings, via email delivery of applications to all members.  Then, a vote will be conducted via email.  Results of the vote will  be discussed at the next scheduled meeting and recorded in the minutes
6. The committee will consider all situations brought forward by any member, or any concerned individual
7. Members will selectively participate in an annual review of the radiation safety program.


The IRSC in conjunction with the URSO has the authority to identify radiation safety problems and initiate recommendations and corrective actions.

Applying to Use Ionizing Radiation

A faculty member, or Principle Investigator who wishes to use radioactive material ( to become an Authorized User - AU on Mercer's State of Georgia License ) regardless of quantity(exempt quantities are not excluded)or any instrument that generates ionizing radiation must follow the procedure outlined below.

1. A  Statement of Training and Experience  in Radioisotope Handling form must be completed and submitted to the RSO and/or URSO.

2. An  Application for a Permit to Use Radionuclides  must be completed and submitted to the RSO and/or URSO.

Notes:The <Statement of Training and Experience> form is required if you are applying to the IRSC for the first time. Once you have been approved as an Authorized User on Mercer's State of Georgia License, you will be allowed to bypass this form when submitting future applications, unless the IRSC requests additional training information for consideration of new protocols and/or project descriptions. However, an <Application for a Permit to Use Radionuclides> form must be completed and submitted to the RSO and/or URSO for requests to purchase, possess, & use additional radioisotopes and/or new protocol and/or new project descriptions.

          For more information, please refer to the Radiation Safety Manual.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

IBC - Notice of Intent (NOI) Form

The IBC - NOI Form is utilized by the IBC to gather primary information from research andteaching faculty in order to evaluate potential biohazardous exposures to faculty, staff,and students during laboratory and clinical activities in Mercer University facilities.